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The coronavirus pandemic has confronted the global community with an unprecedented situation. The unprecedented challenges have to be met with unusual initiatives.

The second wave of Covid-19 is taking away the lives of many LIS professionals globally, and India is not an exception to it. A significant number of LIS professionals are struggling for their survival. While the families of those working in government and well-established institutions are adequately compensated/supported, those in private establishments are receive meager or no support at all.

In such difficult times, a group of LIS Professional Associations joined together and have decided to assist Covid-19 affected professionals and their families. Let all the Library Associations in India come together and exhibit their solidarity to the LIS community.

The partnering Library Associations shall:

1. Identify Covid-19 affected and needy library professionals and their families;

2. Collect Information about COVID-19 affected library professionals and their families and such information need to be keyed on the relevant page of the HELPLIS-Mission Portal to enable the Core Committee of the Mission to take appropriate decision in assisting such families/professionals;

3. Visit/contact affected LIS professionals or their families and communicate the support that might be        extended to them by the HelpLIS-Mission.

4. Donate to the HELPLIS-Mission from their funds or through any other source;

5. Promote donation movement and encourage their members and public at large to donate to the cause; and,

6. Extend any other support the associations deem fit.


Partnering Associations

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