1. To collect details of the Covid affected LIS Professionals and their families in case of their death.

  2. A portal of 'HELPLIS-Mission' to be created to communicate to the Profession at large about the seniority of the sufferings of Covid affected LIS Professionals and their families in case of their death.

  3. The Associations / Heads of Publishing Industry involved in the creation of "HELPLIS-Mission' shall be called Promoting Associations. A core committee has to be formed, drawing the members from the office bearers of the Promoting Associations only. All the critical decisions are to be vetted by the Core Committee only.

  4. Create awareness among the Professionals and seek donations through Crowd Funding

  5. In the beginning, the MANLIBNET and its office bearers have been assigned the responsibility of collecting funds through a separate account in the name of their association. Later slowly, an independent body has to be created, and Bank accounts are to be operated independently and transparently.

  6. Shall identify Nodal Team of members / Association in every state to identify the Affected professionals and their families. These groups will also promote the collection of Donations from their respective States.

  7. Group Insurance, Covid affected professionals' children education funding, meeting hospitalization expenses, etc. may also be considered;

  8. The core committee shall also explore forming a federal body of LIS Professional Associations in the Country.

  9. Shall Conduct a joint National Level Webinar to seek the support of the Profession at large


Objectives of the Mission