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The publishing industry is one of the most important stakeholders of the Education Sector, especially in running any library or information centers. The ‘Help-LIS Mission’ considers it essential to appeal to the publishing fraternity to join hands with the Mission of helping the LIS professionals who have severely been affected by COVID-19. 

The second wave of Covid-19 is taking away the lives of many LIS professionals globally, and India is not an exception to it. A significant number of LIS professionals are struggling for their survival. While the families of those working in government and well-established institutions are adequately compensated/supported, those in private establishments receive meagre or no support at all.

We request the publishing industry to come together and exhibit their continued solidarity to the LIS community.


The partnering Publishing Firms are very humbly requested to:


  • Register and donate to the ‘Help-LIS Mission’ so that the Mission can assist the affected LIS professionals and their families. 

  • Promote donation movement and encourage publishers/vendors to donate to the cause; and,

  • Extend any other support the publishers/vendors deem fit.


Partnering Corporates

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