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The Mission

In the current context of dangerously worsening Covid situation in the country, which has continued  to disrupt the life and health of the people at large,  a group of  like-minded people from the LIS profession and the publishing & information industry met online   on the request of  Dr. M G Sreekumar, Director, Libraries, Jio University and the President of Management Libraries Network,  and Dr.  Akhtar Parvez, University Librarian, Maulana Azad National Urdu University, Hyderabad and the General Secretary, Management Libraries Network,  on May 15, 2021.   The intent of the meeting was to discuss about  the need for reaching out every possible help to the LIS professionals and their families affected by Covid. The Help-LIS Mission is a brain-child of this meeting.  All the members of the group (“The Help-LIS Mission Group”) endorsed this Mission as a noble cause and extended their support to promote it as a charitable Trust.  A list of these promoting members is provided for record.

Considering the urgency of the situation, the Group decided to find ways to initiate the helping process as early as possible and requested the Management Libraries Network to lend the initial organisational support to quickly initiate and carry the Mission’s activity until the Trust is formed.


  1. To help Covid affected Library and Information Science  (LIS) professionals,  their families and their community of staff in their respective libraries  who are in dire need of financial or other supports.

  2. To create a fund for this purpose through donations from LIS professionals, professional associations in the LIS domain,  publishing and information industry, companies, institutions  and the public at large.

  3. To quickly develop a mechanism to identify the Covid affected LIS professionals through digital and print media.

  4. To invite and engage all professional associations in the LIS domain in the country to join hands as co-promoters in promoting and strengthening the cause of Help-LIS Mission.

  5. To continue the activities of  Help-LIS Mission post-Covid, to act as emergency help to the LIS professionals in distress.

While the Group started with a small number of individuals, the Mission needs to grow with the involvement and support of  all the LIS professionals, their professional associations and the members of the publishing & information industry fraternity, donors and help providers.

The Mission & Objectives

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